Why choose Cross-Country Tours (CCT)?


Our company upholds a tradition of personalized customer care by developing long lasting relationships with our clients. We have built our name on the core values of maintaining mutual trust, providing excellent support, and respecting your travel needs. CCT works closely with you on a step-by-step planning of your trip; we address every aspect, and allow for unforeseen circumstances.


  • We start with an introduction and familiarization by telephone.
  • 2 - 3 brain storming sessions, meeting one-on-one, or by telephone.
  • Creation of a preliminary layout of your itinerary.
  • We make sure that you are well informed, by providing weekly trip updates.
  • Our services include a before trip briefing, a checkup during your trip, and a follow-up when you return.


  • We have compiled extensive cultural, and travel, knowledge for each destination we serve.
  • We work with local experts who are always ready to handle, and solve, any problems that might occur, without affecting the sequence of the program or interrupting your travel dates.

Comprehensive and Focused

  • Our tours are geared towards developing new experiences, whether cultural, educational, or simply adventurous.
  • We offer ample interaction with the locals in the countries that we visit.
  • We have access to resources essential for developing programs, which include sights not visited by regular itineraries for each destination that we offer.

Quality and Value

  • We offer three main categories of accommodations, meeting the highest International and US rating standards. Our 'Budget' category is always selected amongst the highest ranked in it’s class ratings.
  • We firmly believe in advance planning and budgeting for your trip. Each of our programs is carefully designed to be all-inclusive, paid up-front, without any hidden costs.
  • We do not cut corners on any itinerary to stay competitive.
  • Before launching any program, we fully inspect all locations that are involved.
  • We hand pick only the highest quality local tour guides available at each destination.
  • Our tours are entirely hosted by a CCT team member, to maintain the strictest quality-control standards.


  • Small groups
  • Guaranteed departures on all of our programs.
  • Relaxed itineraries; travel at your own pace.

Exclusive booking advantages

  • We always encourage you to plan your trip six months in advance. This allows you to benefit from our advantage rewards program, entitling you to earn a 5% discount off your booking, after the paid deposit.
  • We value family travel and encourage spending quality time with your children. Minors aged 11-17, traveling with their family, receive a 5% discount on their booking.
  • Referrals are a key to our continued success. When you refer five or more of your friends and family, we'll reward you with a 5% appreciation bonus towards your booking.
  • Join our exclusive "Travel Circle Club" and enjoy membership benefits that include a 5% discount, towards any future travel, access to new programs even before they are published, and promotional bonuses!