Our Story

I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Since childhood, I always shared a passion with my parents, planning trips and events, for family members and friends. Growing up in Egypt provided me with ample opportunities to travel extensively to four continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, and last but not least, North America and Canada.

In addition, I had the privilege to live in four different countries, embracing a diverse mix of cultures that enriched my heritage. It was always a constant reminder that whenever we experience a different life-style, we are crossing over cultures that connect us back to our roots, hence our name; “Cross Country Tours” was born!

Given my long experience working with top tour operators and airline companies in Egypt and abroad, I decided to form my own tour company in 1994, to utilize my expertise serving a wide spectrum of travelers, while adopting a hands-on approach throughout all of our operations.

In 2008, Cross-Country Tours fully restructured itself to meet the progressive needs of the travel industry, by developing new concepts, and extending our personalized service, ensuring that it is maintained in every destination we visit.

We continue to strive today to be unique. We are committed to always reach our final destination: Your Satisfaction.

Thank you for taking the time to browse through our programs; I look forward to hosting you on one of our adventures!

Sahar A. Eissa.
Owner/Travel Manager.